Shi Jin Song: Quatrain-Plum Blossom 

SHI Jinsong
ACR09: Brick Smashed Wang Jianguo’s Head

As part of ‘Solo Projects’, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute is pleased to present Shi Jinsong’s solo exhibition The Brick Smashed Wang Jianguo’s Head on ARCO Madrid International Contemporary Art Fair after his last show Fire His Breath, Jade His Bones.

Smash: as a verb-complement phrase with imagining elements of status, in Chinese it’s made of verb and complement.
Brick: one of the fundamental constructional materials, it can be seen everywhere nowadays in China. As it appears everywhere, it is the common weapon of the street fighting. Besides, it has becomes one of the popular internet language. So “smacking bricks” means to oppose and suppress different views.
Wang Jianguo: It used to be the most common name during some period in China, implying some universal ethical principle orientation. Here it is the name of a cat.

12 Things you should do if you love someone 

1. Write them poetry even if it’s shitty. I don’t care if it’s fucking nonsense. Write how they make you feel like fire. 

2. Let them cry into your shirt. Let them wipe their snot and tears on you. It doesn’t matter if it’s your favorite shirt. If you love them you won’t care. 

3. Count the stars with them. When you see a shooting star. Tell them how you wished for them to kiss you. Then fucking kiss them. 

4. When they tell you they want to die. Look them in the eyes and whisper “I fucking love you.” Stay up with them all night and talk them out of it. Remind them that they extinguished the pain in your heart and say you’ll help do the same.

5. Bring them roses. I don’t care if they’re a boy or a girl. Roses will make anyone’s day. 

6. On the days they’re afraid they’ll lose you. Kiss their forehead, remind them that you love them more than you love your favorite band and then kiss their lips so passionately that they’re questioning themselves as to why they asked that question. 

7. Sing with them. They won’t care if your voice is shitty. They’ll be more focused on the redness of your cheeks than the rattle of your vocal chords. 

8. When they wake up in the morning tell them their beautiful. Say their messy hair and sleepy voice is the reason you get up in the morning. Tell them you live for their good morning smile. 

9. When they’re puking in a bucket because they’re sick, hug them. They’ll resist and say how there’s vomit all over them. Hug them anyways. It’ll mean the world to them. 

10. When you touch them, tell them that they are a masterpiece. Every curve of their body is beautiful. Especially their soul. Remind them that they are a supernova and you’d love them even if they exploded. 

11. On the days they make you want to tear your hair out, remind yourself that you picked them for a reason. Remember that you chose them and they chose you. 

12. Just fucking love them even when they don’t deserve it.